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Aartec helps entrepreneurs and businesses bring their imagination to reality.  We provide you with a team to help you refine your vision and build software that makes the world better.

You just need to give us the big picture and our team will help execute on your imagination.  Strategy, fundraising, software development, and marketing are all a part of the venture, and we can help you with your end-to-end journey. 

We can be your Chief Technology Officers to your Chief Marketing Officers.

Contact us to have a confidential discussion on how we can help.


Our founders have worked for corporations including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Xbox before setting up aartec.

 A few of the entrepreneurs and businesses whose imagination we have helped bring to reality:

The personal brand of aartec’s founder.  Author of 5 books and helping people learn about the Internet.  We can also build your personal brand which will have a unique strategy for you.

An ecommerce site selling oxygen throughout the world.  We optimized this WordPress site to give a world class ecommerce experience.

Fintechs.fi provides a place that aggregates all the FinTech related news
Carrying physical Tshirts to concerts to sell can be a pain for independent musicians.  Hawkr provides a digital platform for musicians to sell their Tshirts at their events to fans without having to carry the inventory.

InterFunnels is a Software as a Service platform which makes building websites and ecommerce platforms simple.

Snareobics is a better way to learn to play percussion instruments imagined by leading musicians who have played in the London Symphony Orchestra.  The app works on Android, IOS, IPads and web.
CVs are not the best way to sell your skills, especially in industries like Hospitality where personality counts more than a piece of paper.  WorkReel is an AI-powered, video-driven, career marketplace that matches businesses with talent.  Microsoft has invested USD 250,000 in the venture and currently fund raising further.

We are passionate about how technology can improve peoples lives.  We love simplicity and want to build great experiences for brands.

We are also passionate about creating a company that people love working for so that they grow everyday learning the best technologies and figuring out how to be and do better everyday.

We want our people and you to love what you do and feel good about making the world better through technology.


Our clients are all over the world.  Aartec is headquartered in London, UK.  Our team is in offices around the world but a big majority is in several offices across Pakistan.

We believe in optimization around the world so our brand is British our resources are Pakistani as this makes it cost effective to work for your business – just as Apple is designed in California and manufactured in China.  Aartec is imagined in London and built in Peshawar.  We also work with many remote resources from San Francisco to Sydney as there is good talent everywhere.  


We pride ourselves on speed.  In the digital economy you need to move quickly.  So give us a call/WhatsApp now on +447733003930 and we can get you an instant quote and get started if you are happy to proceed.

  1. Call us to discuss your imagination in confidence
  2. We will quote you if we think we can help you
  3. If you give us the go-ahead, we will assign a team to bring your imagination to reality
  4. We keep refining your product or service until you are successful
To discuss your imagination in confidence and to get an instant quote: 

+44 77 3300 3930 | [email protected]